Feature – drama

When half-siblings Lily and Tom, raised apart by different fathers in different worlds, meet at their mother’s funeral and fall in love, then they must fight their impulses while trying to hold on to their bond, amidst the culture clashes that ensue.
Semi-finalist, Moondance Screenplay Festival, 2007
Quarter-finalist, MORE Women in Film Screenplay Contest, 2007.


Wildflowers of the West

Feature – drama

When an orphaned teenaged girl sees her twin brother abducted and sent to a brutal rehab camp by their stepmother, then she helps her brother escape and the two survive on the road until a fatal accident brings them back into custody.



Pocket Pair

Short – drama

A pampered wife who has lost everything to her runaway husband’s gambling addiction receives poker lessons as a birthday present and learns to risk, and love, again.
Produced and directed by Mojisola Shabi.
Official entry: Women’s International Film Festival, 2007, Landlocked Film Festival, 2007.



I Wish You Love

Short – comedy

First dates are hard enough, let alone with everything in close-up.
Produced and directed by Mojisola Shabi
Official entry – Women of Color Film Festival, 2007, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, 2007, Landlocked Film Festival, 2007.



The Judgment of Harris

Short – comedy

Harris, an average joe, faces a mythic dilemma with three dazzling women he’s met on the internet dating site

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